Made for TV movie with rogue building AI

I’ve been going crazy trying to track this down for years, so I’m hoping someone here will be able to solve this for me.

Before I get into the description I’ll lay down some of the basics:

I saw this movie when I was younger, probably in the very early 2000’s. I believe it was a made for TV movie based on my memory of length and quality, though it may well have been a TV show episode.

The movie itself was set in/likely from the 80’s or very early 90’s. The leading role was a relatively stereotypical looking “action movie hero” for the time with lighter hair. He arrived in I believe something like a Ford Bronco or similar sized SUV from GM or Chrysler.

He arrived at some kind of complex, I believe set in the desert and completely concrete. Inside he met a female researcher with brunette hair, working on AI and other scientific projects. The entire building had a control computer/AI system much like VIKI in iRobot.

At some point in the movie the AI turns for some reason, trapping both characters in the building and attempting to kill them. I remember vividly a scene in a lab room where a small droid/roving robot was attempting to attack the male lead.

My memory of the ending is more foggy, but I believe it required them to break into a central control room to shut down the computer system. They were successful and from there able to escape.

I’ve been trying to look for years as I loved the movie when young, it sparked my interest in technology and AI, and all these years later as other memories have come and gone this has always stuck with me.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

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    • Unfortunately neither the 1993 or 1985 variants are the movie I’m looking for. I’d actually come across the 1993 version once before in my search.

      Thanks for the ideas guys, now I’d say I’m basically 100% sure it was set in the middle of the desert nowhere near urban.