Made for TV Arabic horror about mother looking for kidnapped child

Ok so I saw this in tv ages ago and I’m desperate to know it’s name. From what I remember the plot takes place over one night when a mother, living in a rural setting or somewhere isolated with her child. During the night a vampire (possibly I might be wrong) kidnaps her child and the mother goes searching for her. In the process she comes across various obstacles for example she comes to a river she can’t cross and she makes a deal with it to give it one of her sense like sight or speech in order to cross. Eventually she catches up with the vampire but and this is a maybe, I don’t think she manages to save her child.

1-I saw what I think is a made for TV horror movie in early to mid 90s.

2-It was in Arabic and definitely a Middle Eastern production.

3-I saw it on TV in Lebanon, it was either a one off made-for-tv film or an episode from a series.

4-It was in colour.

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