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Made for TV Arabic horror about mother looking for kidnapped child

Ok so I saw this in tv ages ago and I’m desperate to know it’s name. From what I remember the plot takes place over one night when a mother, living in a rural setting or somewhere isolated with her child. During the night a vampire (possibly I might be wrong) kidnaps her child and the mother goes searching for her. In the process she comes across various obstacles for example she comes to a river she can’t cross and she makes a deal with it to give it one of her sense like sight or speech in order to cross. Eventually she catches up with the vampire but and this is a maybe, I don’t think she manages to save her child.

1-I saw what I think is a made for TV horror movie in early to mid 90s.

2-It was in Arabic and definitely a Middle Eastern production.

3-I saw it on TV in Lebanon, it was either a one off made-for-tv film or an episode from a series.

4-It was in colour.

Movie Similar to You’re Next

Okay so I watched a film a few years ago on tv and the plot was very similar to You’re Next (2011) or I might be mistaken and they might have been the same film but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the same film. The movie looked like it was made between the late 90s to mid 2000s. It was in english, in colour, and it felt like a made for tv film or direct to dvd. What I remember from the plot is this rich guy and his girlfriend (or fiancee or wife) going to his family house somewhere secluded, the car might have been a red convertible. Then of course there’s the tension between all the family members and they get killed of one after the other until only the girlfriend is left and she drives off in the car at the end. Please help!

College Students & A Cult

I saw this movie in the mid 2000s but it might have been made a bit earlier. It was in English, looked like an American film. I saw it on tv and it was definitely a film not a TV episode, but it might have been one of those direct-to-DVD release. Definitely in colour. I remember the plot quite clearly but have been unable to find out what it was called. A group of 4 or 5 college students (or just graduated from high school) go to a rave party somewhere rural. They are stalked by a mysterious cult. There’s your typical blonde girl and the brunette heroin. At one point the group come across another girl, who if I remember correctly turned out to be a member of the cult. At one point the blonde girl comforts her by saying something along the lines of her father being in the navy or army and that he would kick the cult’s ass. The blonde girl was later sacrificed in a barn while her boyfriend was forced to watch. Meanwhile the other guy and girl try to get to them but don’t manage to get there on time. I’m also quite sure that the ending was a flash forward to a few weeks or months later where the heroine is attacked in her apartment and the movie ends there. Hope someone can help me figure this one out.


Best of luck


Late 90s Early 00’s TV Show

I remember watching this back in the early to mid 2000s, it was definitely in english and it was an episode from an anthology tv show. Definitely in colour and I remember the plot involved a couple (in their 50s or 60s) and they might have had a dog. Anyway it all takes place one night in their apartment and there’s a kind of apocalyptic event taking place; which they manage to survive in the end. I think the last scene was of them looking out their window at the destruction (might have been a flood or storm).

Good luck everyone,


Latin American or European Horror Film

Ok, so I remember catching parts of a horror film on TV and I can’t remember much other than a few scenes. I must have seen in somewhere in the mid-to-late 2000s. It was definitely not in english and from the appearance of the cast I’m guessing it was either Latin American or European. It was in colour.

The scenes I remember feature a group of college friends who are partying somewhere and I think one of them might have been injured or killed. As usual sometime later the rest of the group die one by one. I remember one of the deaths involving a pack of dogs, another victim was strangled by her seat belt as she left an underground parking lot. There’s also a scene with a big modern subway but I can’t remember why.

I hope this is enough information for someone to figure it out. Good luck!