Low budget horror movie-scarred girl, group holds victims hostage

i remember this film quite well, just not the title. its about a group of high school students who are constantly bullied. at one point the bullies corner 2 guys in the bathroom and break one of their cameras. so they all retaliate by throwing a party, in disguise, and knocking them all out with chemicals in the punch. they all wake up chained up. the main characters are in disguise. the main one has a trench coat and gas mask, a girl has a butterfly mask. and a black kid has a clown suit. at one point the black kid wants to opt out so gas mask guy stabs him and he dies. the way they torture their victims include: making a fat guy chop off a girl’s fingers, using a nail shooter thing (like in no country for old men) on a guy’s leg and face, and putting a slowly working acid on a girl’s face. eventually one of them escapes (a black jock i think) and tries to get help. the cop he finds gets killed and there is a quad chase. when they are found by the cops they kill themselves. the girl they put acid on is seen in a coffee shop, scarred, in the intro and conclusion of the film. her scenes are in black and white. thanks in advance

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