Lost Films, Mostly Untraceable Online – A Real Mystery

I hope I’m not breaching the rules here – I’m searching for a film which I know the title of, but can’t find anywhere. Further – everyone involved in the film is unsearchable online – strange in this day an age that every lead leads nowhere via Google. And even stranger – the film’s production company name leads to a plumbing operation (Kohler Company).

I know the film (The Experiencer) exists, my dad’s saw it when it was broadcast in 1988 (the only ever time it was shown on TV). Bar little mentions on the BFI website (and Sky) there is only one page on the film on the Internet:


It looks and sounds like a real treat. Strange an achievement like this isn’t more well known. The director also shot a film in 1990 called Cabiri – again, the people involved can’t be found nor much info on the film.

Without wanting to sound like a conspiracy theorist – it’s almost like someone has tried to bury the film(s).

So my question is, can we crack this celluloid mystery? Someone, somewhere out there on the Interwebs must know something… maybe even have a copy, even if it’s just on VHS.

Any leads?

5 thoughts on “Lost Films, Mostly Untraceable Online – A Real Mystery

  1. Have you tried contacting the director Michael Kohler? If a print exists, I’d imagine that he knows where it is. It’s possible that he or his wife still live at the listed address (they were there in 2003 and are still in the phone book.)

  2. Post about this on IMDB forums or in reddit.com/r/movies , there are enough movie fanatics that would want to help you.

  3. Thanks all I think he does look similar I’ll give him a try.

    Will try on Reddit as well, as well as contacting Michael Kohler.

    Will keep you posted.

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