Looking for title

I saw this movie very long time ago. I couldn’t remember the actors and actress. The story of movie is

A man got the message from Italy or Greece (I am not sure) about his father’ death so he came there to take his father’s corpse to his home. But he found that his father died with his lover. His father had been visited this place quiet long time for staying with his lover.

The daughter of his father’s lover came this place for same reason. Both them of shocked when they found their parent’s secret. Preparing the corpse transporting procedure, they fell in love each other like thier parent did.

Finally they decided to grave their parents dead body in this place which their parent loved. After funeral, they returned to their home with making a promise to meet here in next year.

This is the story I remembered.

Would you find a title of this movie for me?

I want to buy a DVD to watch again.

I watched this movie more than 35 years ago. Sometimes I only remembered a certain part but not whole story and title.

I am looking forward your help to solkve one of life time mystery.


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