Looking for this movie

I remember seeing what I think was a movie (could’ve been a show) from the 70s or 80s. A serial killer would sneak into peoples homes and beat them with a hammer while they were sleeping. I remember a scene where a woman was in her bedroom upstairs at night and heard a noise. She grabs a shotgun and stands at the top of the stairs as the masked man is standing in her doorway. She screams, he backs out the door and she goes out on to the porch after him but he is gone. I also remember two teen boys, one black and one white and they had this weird old guy for a neighbor. In another scene the black kid and the old man end up in his barn/shed. You hear a shot ring out and the kid runs out. At the end of the movie a trunk from the old guys attic is brought into a courtroom and a pair of leather gloves, a bag/mask, and a hammer are pulled out of the trunk and you are made to believe that the old guy was the killer.

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