Looking for old vintage movie title

I am looking for a movie that I saw part of when I was a very small child in the early sixties. It was a science fiction horror movie, I think it was black and white (I saw it on a black and white TV), and I only remember one real scene from the movie: it was a very large “ghost” like thing that kept getting bigger and bigger. It had eyes and a sort of mouth if I remember right. It was coming out of the ground, and was causing much destruction. The hero of the movie seemed to know that if he moved a giant rotating drawbridge or crane into the “ghost” that it would “ground it out”. When he did this, the ghost collapsed and went away and the night was saved. I also remember that the buildings in this scene were collapsing and that the building stones were bouncing on the ground like they were made of rubber. I really would like to find this old movie! I am supposing that this movie was possibly from the thirties or forties, possibly the very early fifties.

Thank everyone in advance!


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  1. THank you thank you thank you! That is it! I must say that I had the era of the movie all wrong, it was in the early sixties, not the thirties!

    Thanks again!


  2. You are very welcome, Joe!

    This movie was part of a Halloween double feature, along with The Frozen Dead (1966), that I saw when I was 12 – the first sort of grown up movies for me. Both movies gave me bad dreams for a few days, especially the jumping “Martians” in Five Million Years to Earth. Great memories!


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