Looking for 3 movies in the thriller/horror genre

The first movie is about some sort of madhouse where a dead doctor rules. I think he’s some kind of ghost, and there’s a group of people trying to find out of it. I don’t remember much but I think the name of it had an X in it or something. I’ve seen it twice on TV late at night a long time ago but never really stayed awake so I would like to look it up now.

The second one I only saw the first scenes in before i fell asleep as it also was late at night. It was about some hillbilly road hotel and the owner had cameras in the rooms filming people as they had sex and selling. Then when two buyers (also hillbillys) get there, they discover that one of the videos auctually is a murder video and they need to decide what to do. Doesn’t remember anymore of it.

The last one I remember the least as I never really looked at it, just zapping through and it caught my attention for a while. Also late at night.
It was about a man and I think I remember he had some kind of metal device on himself, like a prostethic arm but more robotlike. He was accompanied by a girl and they were talking about his past.
And I remember the scene when he is hiding in a closing watching his father drinking and having sex with a hooker. When the father sees that he is watching he is mad and says something about “Do you know what this is? It’s a pussy, look at it so you can become a man.”
I think the movie overall is about this boy grown up as a killer or something, but throughout the movie you get flashbacks to his bad childhood

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