Little girl friends with figures of animals that are alive.

(I watched this movie about 6 or 7 years ago when I was 10 or 9) The movie is about this little girl who is friends with these small figures of animals that is alive and she keeps in a box in her room. I think the animals was a bear, a polar bear, and some bird I think. she brings them to the library where her dad works and they walk around on the dad’s table in the library and freezes if he looks at them. I also think that at some point in the movie she’s in a horse carriage with this little boy and then he gets kidnapped or something like that and the old man riding the carriage is evil. I never finished watching the movie so I do not know how it ends.

3 thoughts on “Little girl friends with figures of animals that are alive.

  1. OMG YES! I have literally thought about this show (I thought it was a movie) for years and but couldn’t remember what it was called and it was driving me crazy. Thank you!

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