Little Boy’s Mascot Hero Suspected of Crimes Clearwed by Older Brother

I believe this movie was from the late 90’s early 2000’s, not 100% sure. ANyways there’s a children’s character ( think Barney ), can’t remember what animal he was and I believe either the name and/or species is in the title. Either the character is either suspected of committing crimes or perhaps he was involved in kind of mind control of his viewers. It seems more like this character made live appearances on stage more so then a TV show as this is where most of the action takes place, at an outdoor show before,during, and after a show. Anyways, a little boy adores this mascot and his older brother ( who I thought was played by a younger Logan Huffman though this movie is not listed for him on IMDB so it may be someone that looks like him ) is made to take his younger brother to the show though he isn’t exactly thrilled by the idea. At any rate, when suspicions of wrongdoing are cast upon the mascot, the little boy refuses to believe it and wants his brother to proof him innocent. The brother, while initially believing the mascot is guilty, reluctantly agrees to investigate to determine the mascot’s guilt as he doesn’t want to see his little brother devastated by the mascot’s undoing. At any rate, in the end the mascot is either completely innocent or was forced against his will to cooperate by evil villains. Naturally, the brothers thwart their plot.

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