Little boy wants to be a sailor

Nya! Hello everynyan! :3  I hope you can help me as much as last year ^^

I was watching a vhs with recordings of the television and at the end of the film “Emmanuelle” began a fragment of another different film, that was about to finish. A boy and his father are on a boat returning home. I believe the father is a sailor. The grandfather and the mother are waiting for they at the port. In a later scene they are home, a big home, (a mansion?), and the grandfather tells the child that, as everyone agreed before the trip, they are going to vote. By the way everyone acts it seems that the votes are to decide if the child will become a sailor (and possibly will go with the father). The mother abstains, although its evident that she is against. The decision is in the hands of the child.

I think the movie is from the 40’s or 50’s. Maybe firsts 60’s. It’s a color movie, anyway. I thinks it’s an american movie.

This is not reliable, because it’s a dubbing issue, but I’ll tell you anyway. In the Spanish dubbing the mother is called Amparo and the child has a name similar to “Luiso”. I don’t think those are their names in the original audio.

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