Lifetime Movie of a College Girl

There’s a movie on Lifetime Movie Network I saw a few months ago, but I don’t remember what the title is. The movie is maybe about two or three years old. A girl wants to get into a college she longs to be in after her father scolds her. The girl is the main villainess of the movie, and she does everything she can to get in college, near the end, I believe she kidnapped and attempted to kill a girl. Sometime after, the two girls get into a fight until the gun goes off injuring the villainess. The girl wakes up in a hospital and notices she’s handcuffed to the post. Her father visits asking if she was okay but then scolds her for her actions. The girl regretfully says, “I’m sorry, daddy. The last thing I ever wanted was to disappoint you”. Then after a long pause, the father says, “Well, you did”, and storms off. If anyone knows about this movie, please let me know. Thanks!

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