Late 90s girl has a computer hookup in her neck she didn’t know about

Hello  everyone,

I  believe I  saw this  movie on HBO in the late 90s.  It’s set in a dystopian future  and  the main female  in the movie  ends up  having a computer hookup  in her neck that she did not know was there.   She finds out about it  after a  group of people  find her  and cut her neck open  over the hookup. She has a friend in a wheelchair  who  ends up entering a program where he progresses through various  levels.  The  final level  he  reaches  gives him access  to a weapon  and a robotic suit that allows  him to walk  but he must hunt  his friend with the hookup in her neck.

2 thoughts on “Late 90s girl has a computer hookup in her neck she didn’t know about

  1. Has some elements of James Cameron’s Dark Angel TV series, about genetically engineered soldier children that escaped a lab. Only the girl had a bar code on the back of her neck, not a computer interface, and she knew about how different she was. Her eventual boyfriend ended up in a wheel chair first episode after trying to run a job he’d asked her to do. Later on, he obtains cyber frames for his legs and at some point has to use them to locate and save the girl.

    The series only ran two seasons.

    1. Also, “her boyfriend” was feverishly researching her spliced DNA to find a way to repair his legs and walk again. He tried using her T-cells to repair his spine and it worked, but only temporarily.

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