Late 80s Early 90s Forced male rape scene

Ok so i was probably 7 or 8 when i saw this movie, but i remember it clear as day, I am from the chicago Area, and this movie was on Abc channel 7 at 10 oclock or something like that, they used to play movies at night, could have been channel 9, but 7 or 9, anyways the scene is as follows

Two guys are being throw around by some mobsters or thugs, or foreign villains or something, it was gray like maybe a parking garage, and the group has these two guys, and one of the villains, or bad guys has short hair or something and forces the victim, one of the two guys, to perform fellation on him, i thought there was a similar post to this about a movie from the 80s called the ninth transfiguration, but that was a bar scene with bikers, and something similar, this must have been a motif or something back then, but it was not this movie, because there was no guns involved in that movie, so again recep

mobsters in a parking garage, possibly European mobsters

two guys held captive by them

one of the mobsters forces on of the two guys to go down on him at gun point,  I saw this movie probably 1990-1992

Please let me know the name of this movie, as that unfortunately is the only scene i recall, strange the things you remember as a child

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