Oddball Family on Island

The film was colour, shown in the 1990s on Sci-Fi channel in the UK.  It may have been an episode of  Ray Bradbury’s Theatre.

I remember a scene whereby a man and woman are trying to escape an island, I think in the middle of a lake.  They were being chased by two immature adults who were dressed and acting like children.

The female chaser had pigtails and a red/white gingham dress and her hair was bunched at each side like two ponytails.  The male doing the chasing had on blue dungerees and a yodeller’s hat, they were brother and sister both in their 30s/40s.  They had squeaky childlike voices, and ran after the man and woman trying to kill them.  It was downright creepy.

Any ideas what it was?

6 thoughts on “Oddball Family on Island

  1. Yes, that’s it! Thanks, jockland.

    My description was a little fuzzy on the details.

    I’ve wondered what it was for nearly 20 years. This is solved.

    1. I figured it was something like that. Thanks for all the maintenance you do to make this such a wonderful site. 🙂

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