Late ’60s / early ’70s animated adventure story

This one is hard to describe as I was very young and at home sick from school when I saw it. It’s a colour animated adventure film about a boy and his family and I saw it in on TV in the early to mid ’70s. The film may have been Japanese, while the characters may have been native North Americans or possibly some kind of prehistoric people.

I remember nothing of the story save that I was so impressed with it that for some time I wanted to become an actor just to star in a live-action remake. The only detail I remember is one scene where the boy’s mother helps him dress. I think they lived in a natural setting like a clearing in the forest or perhaps a cave. The boy either put on or took off a brown dressing gown or cloak or fur, and I remember that because I was shocked to briefly see his bum, thinking I’d need to get a stand-in for that scene (I was a bit of a prude).

Scant to go on, I know, but I’d love to see this movie again to figure out why I was so impressed with it.

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  1. With a bit of effort I found a site to stream this. Much of it seemed familiar, especially the Princess, and then I found the scene I described above.

    25 years ago I rented Tonari no Totoro for my young son but fell in love with it myself. I can’t begin to describe how profoundly strange it feels to discover that I had been similarly moved by Miyazaki’s first movie 25 years before that.

    Thank you so much, jennagain.

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