King finds baby in the woods, but she’s actually evil and wants the thrown

I saw it when I was like 10, in 2004 or around there. It was on TV and I can’t tell you the original language because it was translated to Spanish. It was old, though, really old, but in color and I remember the beginning, when the king arrives to the castle with a baby in his arms and he tells his young daughter, who’s blonde, that the baby will be her sister and that he found her in the woods. The princess is excited, but when everyone leaves her alone with the baby, the baby does something (maybe bit her?) and the princess makes the baby turn over and the baby starts crying. The princess is scolded by everyone.

Years later, when they’re both grown up, the princess is beautiful and fell in love? But her adopted sister who now has black hair, wants the kingdom for herself and puts like an enchantment or something on everyone so she can be hated and she can become queen. I don’t remember much more, only that the blonde princess goes into the woods and find this scarecrow (I think?) doll that used to be hers and he helps her defeat the girl who wants to take over. And the blonde princess has to fight against the prince she’s in love with for the ‘future queen’s hand’, but it’s actually to make him remember her or something.


I can’t remember anything else

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