Killer with a female persona (transgender pathologist?)

Watched it on tv. Think it was a movie. May have been a television movie, or mini-series. (Could have been a series episode too but guess not.) In English language. Likely British but unsure. Was quality! In color. I remember it was exciting from the start, a unique story. About …

I think the ‘hero’ was a detective or forensic (male?) pathologist.

Could’ve been a cold case, or he being from another area coming in to help. Perhaps he suspects something fishy within the police department? Or simply investigates a link with a case another (female) detective has in another city. Cannot point my finger at it but he was probably someone with a history. Maybe someone who got a bad name because he did something wrong or unpopular in the past, dunno. Or simply not believed. It is too vague.

What I remember more clearly, it’s about a serial killer.

And towards the end, comes the realization that the killer may not be a he or she! I remember the killer being a man with a disorder, a female psycho persona (or transgender?) so to speak. Possibly a police officer, someone who worked there, perhaps a pathologist. I really don’t remember.

A scene that I really remember well is: the police is using someone (young cop?) to go in with a hidden camera. Police are watching the screen. Could’ve been a video tape too. The hero detective tries to talk and connect with the killer, and a moment it looks like he is succeeding. However, to no vain. It ended with noise on the screen at the moment that police guy is in a chair being doctored by the killer, the killer taking his surgical knife to probably cut his b*lls. There is no gore, more suggestion. Cuts to noise.

That is something that is key to this movie: the hero detective is taunted by the killer, as if the killer likes the hunt, wants the detective to follow / leaves breadcrumbs. But mocks the detective that he is too stupid. But there seems to be growing a connection between the two, an understanding. Maybe the killer even meets the detective while he doesn’t know yet. Like some sick game. I remember it is only towards the end the realization comes that the killer is not a man or woman … something of another caliber, and he starts to put things together.

It seems like the killer wanted to be understood, heared.

I don’t even know anymore how it ended. I think he was killed eventually. But could be an open ending too. But if I would guess it must have been a satisfying ending.

7 thoughts on “Killer with a female persona (transgender pathologist?)

  1. Sounds like an episode of Wire in the Blood starring Robson Green where a trans (male to female) guy is killing people and has targeted a gay police officer. He tortures him and video tapes it and sends it to the police.

    1. The hero is a psychologist who works for the police. He manages to talk to the killer and try to reason with them and ends up almost being tortured and murdered too.
      It was a two-part episode called The Mermaids Singing from Wire in the Blood.
      Im almost certain it’s this and it was very compelling.

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