Kids movie about a kid…

So I remember very, very little about this movie, but maybe you can help me!

It was when I was a kid that I saw it, so the late 90s is probably when it was new. I can’t remember too much, but it was about a little girl. I think there were nuns involved, and I remember some sort of chocolate cake in it. There was a fat kid who was forced to eat the chocolate cake somewhere near the end. I also remember at some point someone behind spun around by their pig tails. I cannot for the life of me remember, so I’d appreciate if someone can jog my memory!


And it was in English.

5 thoughts on “Kids movie about a kid…

  1. Wooooow, I’m watching it now and there’s a part where she’s trying to talk to her mother but shes on the phone and she said “They’ve gotta be implants” and then “I’m telling you, it would change your life if you waxed yours too!” Never noticed these fifteen years ago, of course! XD

  2. Thank you so much again Julia! That was one of my favorite movies as a little boy and now I’ll be able to share it with my little baby sister! You really are great for helping me remember!

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