japanese reincarnation soulmate movie?

Film originally in japanese. themes – supernatural, fantasy, romance, reincarnation, soulmates. colourised, produced somewhere between 2000 and 2016 (maybe up to 2018). live action.

romance between older man and younger woman. girl had a short bob and the male is older, dark hair, some wrinkles, grumpy. they wore traditional japanese clothing. male was writer or artist? maybe scarf

title kinda long in japanese romanji

setting – lived in rural area, traditional japanese home

the woman comes to live with the man and hes cold/grumpy at first

universe also has fantasy creatures that coexist (cgi or animated) . side plot of a guy who turns into a frog and loses his family.

revealed that the couple are soulmates – find eachover in every life but a higher power keeps trying to separate them.

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