Movie about vampires from 80-90s

I’ve seen this movie so far ago. It was on Russian TV somewhere in 1990-1995.  Thus the movie is between late 80s and early 90s. It’s about vampires so the genre is horror but maybe +comedy, not sure. Unfortunately I remember only one scene. Sorry for its messy description 🙂

Two guys come to morgue (as far as I remember) because they need to kill (till the end) a woman who was bit by a vampire (officially found dead or something). And to do it they needed to stub an aspen stake (I hope I translated this correctly) into the heart AND cut off the head. They found her, prepare a saw and started to cut. Then somewhere in the middle of the neck one guy says something like “hey, the saw is getting stuck”. And after this the woman VERY suddenly wakes up and attacks them 🙂 But they won by stubbing her with the stake finally.

I was a young boy so such expressive moment was set into my memory till nowadays :)) If you have any ideas please reply!

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