Japanese Horror Movie – Ghosts and a HIgh School

Hi, I really want to find this movie that I actually watched 2 times but never memorised it’s name.

It’s a japanese horror movie that has I guess 3 stories going on

There’s this group of highschool students who are actually dead and have not realised they’re ghosts (they died from some sort of gas or radiation coming from a bomb or something that was under their classroom and that actually happened a long time ago).

There’s this girl who’s sad and looking through her mom’s old things (also the ghosts find out they’re ghosts because she goes to the school to and talks on the speaker about the accident that killed them), also her mom looked like Nanno from ‘Girl From Nowhere’ on Netflix and was one of the highschool students.

And there’s this other group of young adults who are trying to film a horror movie IN the school that is haunted. (Don’t remember that much about this one, but there was a scene where they were recording their movie in the bathroom stalls [one of them dressed up as a ghost] and there was an actual ghost there)

I actually know a bunch of small details but i can never find anything about it when I browse it and I don’t want to make this too confusing.

This movie was available on the brazilian netflix for a while since that’s where I watched it.

I would be really thankful if anyone has any clues on it. Thank you.

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