Japanese comedy horror/thriller (I think?)

I don’t remember much of this movie, only that I watched it on a channel named Thriller about 5-7 years ago. The only scenes I remember are that there was a male teacher humiliated in front of class via his pants dropping(don’t remember how, all I remember that his privates were censored by a smiley face), and he went to the roof to contemplate his life/consider suicide(I think?). He then meets an odd girl(I think she was a student) and after that, I don’t remember.

The most vivid scene I can still make out is that the male teacher goes to hell for some reason, and as a cloud of hell-bound souls were about to charge him and keep him in hell forever, he had taken a picture and sent it to the girl. He proceeds to stab his eyes with a pair of scissors to try to escape hell, but the girl(or maybe one of the girl’s English-speaking friends?) had forgot to mention that that method only works for females.


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