I’ve needed help for years.

Okay now, I have known about this movie for a pretty long time now because I saw it when I was young but I don’t quite remember what the movie was about yet, there is one scene from it that has always stuck with me. I’ve even dreamt about it before (weird I know):
The movie scene consists of a girl crawling into this crawl space/secret room in order to hide from something or avoid something.
I don’t feel as if this movie was a horror movie maybe a thriller or action (not sure) and it was a colored movie maybe from the late 90s but I assume it’s from 2000-2008 but I’m really not sure. All I remember is a fuzzy memory of this scene.
If anyone knows of this movie or any movie that has had a scene in it similar to it PLEASE let me know. You will be releiving me of the unknown I have felt for many years lol.

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      1. I don’t believe Aliens was it either. From what I remember the girl literally opened a picture frame or something similar and crawled into it. Thanks for the reply!

    1. She could be between 8-14 I have a very faint memory of it which has made it so hard to remember the movie. I think she had brown hair though. Thanks!

  1. Have you watched the series Heroes? There is a girl, (you don’t exactly see her crawl in) but the cop hears in his mind, her crying, hiding inside the wall under stairs. That is what I thought of. The series was somewhere within the 2000’s.

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