Italian Tailor, pattern cutter working for chinese clothing company who moonlights for a rival

Hi guys.

I can’t find a movie i’d like to watch :-(.  a freind suggested it to me so i am unsure how accurate the below is. We searched google but culd not find it.

The film is about an italian (possibly not italian) tailor, pattern cutter that goes to work for a chinese (maybe some other eastern country) clothing industry firm.

By day he creates i think templates of clothing for the factory workers to machine from and gets treated badly by the firm.

By night he moonlights for another  rival clothing company whom he gives all these designs he’s learnt from his day job and they treat him well.

I think he somehow gets mixed up with a criminal organsiation along the way, maybe the mafia (or has been a part of one all along).

Any Ideas? 🙂 Thanks all.




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