Infiltrate Some Kind of Mansion (Not A Resident Evil movie)

The movie is in colors, definitely came out either at 90s or 2000s.

Language American

Setting: Future, Sci-fi world


A team of soldiers dressed in black equipments infiltrate some sort of a place, the interior look like a manor. I forgot what’s their assignment in the first place, either its an assassination or intelligence gathering.


Along the way, the leader, the main character meet with a woman, asian, black hair wearing a traditional-looking dress in there. She’s not a human, she’s some sort of a artificial intelligence tasked to watch over the place, projecting an image of a woman as described earlier. The A.I. repeatedly tries to warn the soldiers not to continue to wander in the place for reasons i forgot.


But one reason i remember that the place is wired with bizarre traps, and there’s monsters in it. Again this is not the first Resident Evil movie, i’m absolutely sure.


This movie used to air in Cinemax, back in 2014 or 2015. That’s when i first saw it and regretfully forget.

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