Indian movie (melodrama, …)

Nice guy with his friend comes to the town where former Roja (very rich local magnate in India)  and his only child – daughter – live enjoying luxurious life. The guys are here for business partnership with the Roja. Roja invites them to his house as guests for some days. While the partnership is going on the daughter (full-figured, indian skin) falls in love with the nice guy (famous indian actor, white and tall). Later the guy recognizes that he loved her too, but it was late.

After some time the family finds that the guys are wanted by the police because of their previous commercial crimes. The guys are frauds. They also lied to the Roja and appropiate his property. The girl is in dilemma: she and he love each other, but her father is in trouble because of the loss of the property.

The police finds these frauds. The guy tries to run but he is tragically killed by the police.

And years later, the girl can not restore after the tragedy and gets ill, lives alone with her own housekeeper. The Roja (her father is already dead).

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