Indian children’s film-Supernova

I saw this Film/TV-film/Telefilm on Indian National TV (DD-1) probably between 1995-2000. I only have a vague memory of it. Those days there used to be films for children on TV during Saturday afternoon.

It was an adventure film, with 3-4-5 kids of about 12-14 years old together away from home. From their outfits, you can say that they belonged to urban modern Indian family of the 90s, and were also well educated.

Somehow they go inside a spooky looking bungalow. I don’t remember any bad ghosts in the bungalow, but a man appeared to them wearing a Tantric robe with embedded stones/gems and looked like a typical Psychic shown in movies. I think Nana Patekar played this man, but I am not entirely sure. This man could be a ghost but he was friendly and wanted to help the kids. He tells them that a star is going to fall (or already fell) on earth, and his way of speaking was similar to telling a legend/tale to the kids. He also tells them the location where it will fall (or fell).

I think they had a map with them and they reach the exact location where it fell, which was in the middle of a forest. There they suddenly find 1000s of shiny stones lying on the ground in a large area. Now, I don’t know how they knew it but they started talking about the Supernova explosion and the pieces of collapsed star which fell on earth. Perhaps, the Tantric man told them that it was Supernova. I think this was the end of the film, and they were all happy that they found the Supernova site.

And from here the title of the film came, the exact title as far as I remember was “Supernova-163” or some number attached to Supernova. I looked on the internet with no help. The Nana Patekar IMDb page also doesn’t have this film, but this could be because it was a Telefilm and not screened on cinemas.

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