I watched this movie on lifetime when I was 10.

Okay, I was very young at the time, but I remember everything about this movie. And have been looking for years and can’t find it’s name or the movie.

this is what I know, this girl went to a club/bar looking place her friend/boyfriend (can’t remember which) was DJing at.

She needed a cab home after a fight and a dude said he called it for her when he didn’t to trick her into getting a ride from him.

He took her a to hill/cliff in the car and said he just wanted to show her it.

She tried to leave/ run and he ended up raping her in this red sports car. He took her home and said no one will believe you so don’t tell anyone or else.

and she didn’t until she told her mom after getting a shower.

her and her parents went to the cops but all she remembered by the car and his face a bit.

a cop found him from the car, it was a small town not many could afford that type of car, it was his moms car.

IN the end he got away with it. But her dad ended up killing him by shooting him at a carnival and got some jail time for it.

I just want want the name. Please help me I want to watch it again.

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