I was scared

In the early 90s I saw a movie on hbo i think I think it was made in the 80 tho looked that way anyways and I could be wrong on the details but I think it was a group home for girls but the place they lived looked like an airplane hanger or fallout shelter alot of metal and a rounded ceiling all the girls had the same white nightgown but I remember the headmistress was obese and scary now at the end one of the girls broke out and climbed a tower airplane tower maybe? Or water tower I remember it had red lights on it at the top of the tower the mean lady grabbed at the girl but she kicked her and she fell and died and then the movie ended I know it’s not alot to go on but this has been driving me crazy for years

5 thoughts on “I was scared

  1. That’s it’s OMG I’ve been looking for this since I was 7 yrs old wow thank you so much which brings me to my next question what the heck was my mother letting me watch ?

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