I searched everywhere. Couldn’t find it

The movie I’m trying to find is one I watched over six years ago. The movie itself may be older.

It was a 2d animated cartoon. I don’t think there was any talking during it. It may have been a very short movie, like 15 minutes.

What I remember is that the main character went to a beach. He had these 2d shapes, and he was able to blow them up like balloons into other people. I think he made a man and a woman. He eventually popped them and I think they reverted back to their orignal shape. Then the main character stepped on a needle I think and he turned into a triangle.

This movie is so hard to find. I’m not sure if it even counts as a movie. But if you have any clue, please help! Thanks

3 thoughts on “I searched everywhere. Couldn’t find it

  1. Thanks for letting us know it got solved, Millena.

    J, if you’re still here and you want us to track your Solves, please register for the site.

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