I remember a scene from a movie or tv show I recently watched but don’t know what the movies about?

A few days ago I was watching a movie or show and the only thing that’s stuck in my head is one scene.

A group of police officers are walking from door to door questioning people. One officer speaks to an old woman and she states that close by her house there’s a group of teenagers who constantly play loud music and ride motorbikes. Then the officer makes a joke and the woman shuts the door in his face. Another (or possibly the same) officer decides to go and check out a house which is quite enclosed and far away from the neighbourhood, it may actually be the one the woman was describing. He walks through the bushes and discovers a lonely house with a motorbike covered with a sheet and I think a van or some sort of caravan. The police officer ends up knocking on the door but the man who lives in the house is an ex solider who’s suffering from ptsd and believes he’s still in the war. The man is wearing an army outfit (boots, army pants and a dull green top) and ends up taking the police officer hostage as he thinks he’s a spy or an enemy. The officers phone rings as the other officers are stood in a group waiting for him to return and decide to ring him, but the ex-soldier takes the phone thinking its spy equipment and throws it into a sink, smashing it up. The ex soldier is in the dark room walking up and down shouting at the officer while he remains on his knees trying to explain that he isn’t a spy or enemy. The other police officers end up tracking the officers last location on his phone and walk up to the house, telling the others on the radio that they have eyes on the hostage officer inside. The solider sees the officers outside and believes they’re enemies. He then starts hearing bombs and tells the hostage officer they need to move and starts hiding in other rooms. A few scenes later the hostage officer and ex solider come to the front door, where a woman officer is pointing a taser at the soldier. Eventually, the officer runs away but trips over a bomb wire as the soldier had booby trapped his house, and gets hit by the explosion and is lay on the floor. The woman officer begins to cry and as she attempts to move to help, another officer tells her to stay where she is with eyes on the soldier. The soldier eventually drops his weapons and is taken into custody and an ambulance arrives for the injured officer.

Sorry it’s so long but as it’s only one scene from the whole movie I tried to go into detail. Any help would be appreciated as I’ve been searching for the title of this film/show for a while.

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