I need the name of this movie!! Please Help me!

Hey, everyone. Please help me find the name of this movie! I really need it. These are the things my friend remembers:
1. She saw it in 2003/2004.
2. She said the movie has few characters. It includes THREE GHOSTS. A Mother, Father and Son.
3. The Mom and Dad were White in colour to look at and the son was Blue in colour.
4. They were Chinese, she said. Or Japanese. I’m sure she wouldn’t remember properly because she also thinks Jackie Chan is in the movie.
5. They float around with their hands lifted in front of them like Mummies.
6. The Son gets Kidnapped or something and the guy (Whom she thinks is Jackie Chan) comes to save him. (I don’t understand the Logic here.)
7. The mom and dad wear Chinese/Japanese traditional dress with the mom wearing a long Pink and White dress.
8. In the Climax, the parents will be floating around searching for their son.
9. She watched it in English and the movie is coloured.
10. The movie name has either ‘Water’ or ‘Ghost’ in it. I’m not sure, yet again.

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