Gnome movie

I remember watching a animated movie as a kid in the 90’s about gnomes and trolls ect. that lived in the forest. The gnomes are good, and the trolls are evil and always trying to I guess kill the gnomes? I don’t know, but they’re the bad guys. There’s this one gnome, I think he might be like the main character, who helps sick and injured animals and stuff.

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  1. Could it have been a tv show? I grew up in the 90’s too and I used to watch a show called “David the Gnome” on Nickelodeon, it sounds just like it.
    Here’s the first episode, but this YouTube user has all on them in a playlist.

  2. I checked them both out, and it’s definitely the show. I thought it might be the movie at first, but the story isn’t what I remembered. I watched a few episodes of David the Gnome and it all came back. I most likely watched it on Nickelodeon as well, that was my favorite channel back then.

    1. Glad I could help. I never knew about the movie, I’ll have to check it out now, David the Gnome was one of my favorites growing up.

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