I don’t know the name of the movie

i remember seeing a scene. it is an adult related scene where a man with long black hair, and if i’m not mistaken the man looks like a native american or a latino i’m not sure, is assaulting a young white woman who was handcuffed. the woman was wearing a red denim jacket and jeans i think. they were in a shed or some room. it has a window and while he was assaulting her, a woman with the same race as the man saw them. the man also saw that she saw them but he only stared back at her. both did not utter a single word.

One thought on “I don’t know the name of the movie

  1. The movie comes on bet her channel and its an african american movie where the girl has a weird voice but however she can sing ends up with an abusive person and she ended up with a child …

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