i believe an alien sci-fi movie

so i love movies and have found some through memories this one is a very vague one lol so a blond woman is in a hotel room with a guy i believe she is an alien and the guy is trying to get laid and she isnt interested and he takes her necklace and slides it down his pants trying to be all into it so she crawls across the bed unzips and the guy is all like yeah and she takes it in her mouth starts sliding the necklace out and bites it off then leaves lol i believe its an 90’s movie but i cant remember the characters or anything else its been so long since i have seen it hopefully someone has an idea what movie this scene is from!

5 thoughts on “i believe an alien sci-fi movie

  1. lol that def looked like the scence i was remembering thank you very much couldn’t remember anything else to save my life lol

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