The action of this movie refered to the midcentury.

While a man were going to study at an university, he stayed at a hotel. He saw a beautiful woman who married with hotel boss old man. Surprisingly, he fell in love her and overstayed for two years at that hotel. Becuase he wanted to go with her. Unfortunately, hotel boss didn’t allow them and he claimed from him to pay much money that she indebted such as living cost, clothes, food. Finally, she decided to stay with that old man. That’s why, He went to the university and became a famous doctor. After many years, he recieved a letter from a woman who worked at that hotel. As mentioned in this letter, the beautiful woman waited him to died. After he read this letter, he visited that hotel again and recollected her.

I want to watch again this movie but I don’t know name of this movie. Thus if you remember it, please write me name. Thank you


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