Horror/suspense movie about trying to find the correct headhunter serial killer

I watched this movie (I’m pretty sure it was a movie. It was way too long to be a tv show) with the guy I was dating back in 2013, and we came in partway through.


Basically, a guy was convicted of being the ‘headhunter’ serial killer, who waited in elevators and murdered CEOs and such. He was found in the elevator, holding an axe, over the body of his boss, who was the last victim. It turned out that he had simply been in the elevator and had the axe shoved into his hands, while he was to petrified to refuse it.


I’m not sure how it started. When I started watching, there were a group of people chained to chairs around a conference table. There was the girl who opened the elevator to find the convicted man, the delivery driver who was with her, a psychic who was eventually proven false, a cop who hid evidence, and possibly some more?


The convict was known for being a meticulous, detail-oriented asshole, and he was making them do some sort of work that had to do with freeing him. Every time someone made a mistake, said something he didn’t like, or tried to escape, he cut a slash on their forehead. Either the third or the fifth one was the last strike, and then he killed them.


During a final last-ditch escape attempt, the girl finally recognizes the delivery driver had to have been the killer, due to his asthmatic breathing patterns giving it away when they’re running. Somehow, she escapes, and both of the guys (both the real killer and the falsely convicted one who has now killed at least three *other* people) escape too.


The girl writes a book about her experience, and it becomes a best-seller. She’s supposed to go to a book signing, but is having anxiety attacks over leaving her apartment. She calls her psychiatrist, who stops by to calm her. She opens the door for him, only to discover he’s already dead and the body is being held up by the real killer, who wants to eliminate the last person who could pick him out of a lineup. He’s saying something like “I promised we’d get through this together”, because there was somewhat of a romantic subplot between them during their captivity.


She escapes her apartment and runs, with him eventually catching up with her. She’s just about to be killed when the convicted killer appears and kills the real killer, then (possibly?) compliments her on a job well done before turning and walking off. He says something, anyway. It may not have been a compliment, but another assholish boss comment like, “sloppy work,” or something, but for some reason I think it was the first compliment he gave in the movie.


Also, the evidence that the cop hid was that, during one of the other murders, the convicted guy had an alibi since he was firing one of his employees for incompetence. The guy was having a party when the cop showed up and pointed him at the framed notice of termination and says basically that not having to answer to that jerk anymore was the best moment of his life.

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    1. That’s it! Thank you so much! I remembered a lot about it, but had no idea how it had started, since there were already slashed foreheads when I tuned in.

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