Horror/Slasher film from middle – late 00-s (propably)

Plz, рelp me remember another one movie. This is a horror/slasher film from the mid/late 00's. I remember general plot in common terms. A group of young people meets in a country house. The house is on the edge of a cliff. During the meeting, they have a quarrel with one of the guys. He gets into the car, loses control and falls off a cliff, burning in the car. Everyone thinks he is dead.
After some time, someone starts killing these people. And in the end it turns out that it was their supposedly dead acquaintance. At the end, he take off the skin mask from his face. And he himself was very badly burned.

2 thoughts on “Horror/Slasher film from middle – late 00-s (propably)

  1. Random first shot at 4 am “thumbs up” is it the wraith? prob not, but just wild guessing before i turn on sleuth mode

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