Horror Movie/Serial Killer Flick?

I think this movie was a Syfy horror movie that was on one day probably around 2000’s or so.

I remember two scenes from this movie, I was only eight or seven so I don’t remember very well but these part really stuck with me so here goes:

First scene was somewhat like this: two kids (a couple or brother/sister??) find a room with lots of dead kids. They are hiding from someone/something thats coming after them. The girl starts talking about something and then they hear this sound and see a pale boy watching them and he leads them out a secret passage way. I think he was a ghost maybe? The girl says thanks and he just holds a finger to his mouth in a “Shh” motion. The girl was wearing a pink or bloodied shirt I think. (I think might’ve dreamed this part)

The second scene goes happens before or after they go into the room. The two teenagers escape. There’s a cornfield with a shadow moving? They are terrified and start running down an empty road. It’s night. Finally, they reach an house/farmhouse and find a man. They start talking about how he was right and they needed to get out of here.

So the man gets them into his truck/suburban and the girl is sitting in the passenger seat or the back (I think it was the passenger) and the man gives her a pop can to drink (I think it was a Pepsi bottle?) and suddenly, she goes unconscious or dies (the can was drugged.) The boy tries to wake her up (I think her name was Lexi? Probably not.) The old/ghostly man driving them stabs the guy in the leg or knee (with a knife?) where he screams in pain. The man starts talking about something (maybe about how stupid they are??)

That’s all I remember. I’m afraid that I dreamed this and if so, that’s a really messed-up dream. That’s probably not a lot to go on. And it wasn’t Jeepers Creepers (at least I don’t think.)

If anyone knows what this movie is, thank you so much for remembering and replying.

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  1. Sounds like one of the remakes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There is a scene where Leatherface is after them in the basement where all the dead bodies are, and the child helps them escape through the passage

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