Horror movie, b-rated or less.

Memory is a bit fuzzy, but it was an American, possibly UK, b-rated horror movie, possibly from the late 80’s to early 90’s. Main guy was a psychic. He and some folks were in a mansion with a sketchy butler. The butler served a roasted pig to one of the gluttonous guests. After awhile, I think a girl discovered him and he had turned into a werepig and chased her. There was a dead man in a cooler or a casket, and the psychic guy would check to see if he was actually dead (trying to open his eyes and whatnot). When he came back later on, the body was gone and he ended up seeing the dead man at the top of the stairs. While the dead man laughed and taunted him, the psychic pointed at him with the rock on hand gesture and tell him to sleep. It seemed to work and the man looked like he was succumbing to the psychic powers.

At night, the psychic man slept in a room with open doors and a balcony. As he slept, the wind blew on the white curtains and it looked like there was a silhouette of a woman walking in. Next thing, the pointed clock on the shelf raised up on its own and hovered over him. Then it plunged into his chest/stomach. The next day, I guess someone visited the place and when they closed the door, the mirror hanging on the back showed resurrected psychic. He was saying something like “why did you wake me from my sleep?”

Please help, I’ve been racking my brain for years.

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    1. Ahh, yes! The were-pig is definitely the right one. I even knew when he was going to offer her the apple. Thanks a bunch! I guess the other part was from another movie. My mistake, since my cousins used to rent a bunch Friday night from the local blockbuster. Thanks again!

      Maybe someone can figure out the one with the psychic. Fingers crossed!

      1. Thank you Hillaryus. I think the second half of your post sounds like the 1st half of. “Two Evil Eyes” (1989). It’s an anthology movie made up of two horror stories, the 1st of which is called The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar.

        1. You are amazing. This wraps up everything. Thank you so much! I just finished watching it. Funny how things were portrayed differently in the eyes of my younger self.
          This request is officially marked solved. 🙂

          1. Thank you Hilarryus! I’m still looking for that 80s slasher movie that you posted.

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