horror movie about creatures that show up in the dark

a few years ago I watched a movie that took place in an apartment building, and a guy asks to stay with who I think were a man, maybe brother, and his girlfriend, because he kept having nightmares or something.

it turns out they weren’t nightmares, and these creatures that only came out when it was dark was drawn to him, and he makes a comment like “oh no not here too”, and they end up running all throughout the apartment building trying to hide from the creatures. I also remember about something like a news print on a wall in like a storage room closet that might’ve had somebody’s death on it, and they were all freaking out.

the ending is what I remember the most, where the guy who stayed over at the apartment starts to go into full panic, pulls out a knife because the other guy and the girl wanted to leave the apartment rooms, but the guy kept saying it wasn’t safe. he ends up stabbing the other guy, and then after a bit the girl suffocated the guy who stabbed her boyfriend, and then she leaves the room.

police show up to the apartment building and finds her dead as well, I think with gashes on her like claws. I don’t think it was a very well-known movie, so finding it has been pretty hard

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