Horror Movie About a House Making People Relive Terrible Memories

I’m sorry if the description is terrible, but I hadn’t watched the beginning so I don’t really know. Anyways, so from what I can remember, there was this really big house and there were a bunch of people in it, I think like just staying there for whatever reason or something. I didn’t see the beginning so I don’t know but they were in this house, and it was like they were reliving horrible memories of the past. There was a woman, who woke up in a room where she was dressed like a little doll and her uncle came in and kept telling her to eat a pie (I always thought that it was supposed to be her as a young girl and her uncle did something bad to her). Then there was a married couple, who were in “their” office (still in that house) and they saw their kid outside falling into a frozen lake and drowning (another horrible memory relived). And then I remember there being an old couple who lived there or something and they were trying to the kill the people. I remember this one guy running down a hall and finding this hexagon shaped room and he hid from the old couple behind a curtain, to find that there was this underground looking area there. And so he was like running around and found this gothic little ghost girl. I also remember a part where the mom whose kid drowned was locked in a closet and the floor turned to ice and she fell in, like her kid. And then I remember at the end, they were all tied to chair and sitting around a circle table and one way or another it ended it up being a dream.


I’m sorry if this is a bad description. I think watched around 2012 or 2013. It was in color, and in English. It didn’t seem like an old movie either. So possibly a made for tv movie.

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  1. I’ve seen this as well cannot remember the name exactly but I want to say it was the house or the cabin or something simple. But they all broke down and ended up stranded at this b&b

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