Horror/Gore movie from 2010-2014

This movie is very graphic, it was in English and in color, I saw it on TV and have already looked for it in What Is My Movie? I can’t remember a single actor or name though.

The plot is about a man and his girlfriend crashing their car at night, he gets out but she remains trapped inside. Since there’s gasoline around her the man sets her on fire on purpose with a lighter, but I can’t remember why. The girl survives but her entire skin is melted and burnt, she spends the rest of the movie like this.

Every time she is having a stroke and is about to die, the man gets horrible visions of her ghost or something similar, this happens a couple of times until he snaps.

He then decides to call a lover/ex gf over, in order to kill her, skin her, and take the fresh skin to the burnt girl for a transplant. When he arrives at the hospital, the girl had already passed away, and he walks out of the hospital and gets into his white car.

The details I remember are the most important I guess.


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