help please :’)

Hey! I remember seeing this animated movie when I was little, but I can’t remember its name or anything specific, I just remember that it is about this little girl who befriends a star (like a literal star, you know, that glowing thingy in the sky), but then she (the girl) has to move away. However, the star follows her to her new home. That’s basically all I can remember from the main plot, although there’s two random scenes that managed to stay in my memory. The first one is the little girl feeding some kind of bulls with her dad, the other one is something like a cookies factory, where the girl and the star meet a dragon and another little girl (not really sure if this one is correct lmao, the memories became a bit blurry throughout the years). I probably watched the movie in Czech (my native language), however, I think the original might’ve been in Asian, it seemed like an anime or something like that. If you know the movie, please, let me know its name! Thank you so much, hope you’re enjoying 2019 🙂

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