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When I was at a holiday programme in the early-mid 80’s the older kids were allowed to go and watch a scary movie. Looking back now I realise that this movie was not okay for them to be showing because of the violence, etc.
My friend dared me to go and watch some of it. It was absolutely terrible and caused a lot of nightmares.

Now I want to remember what the movie was called and watch it to get over this memory.

I can remember that there was a man being tortured in a white room/laboratory and he was draped over these two metal bars that were hanging from the ceiling and he was either naked or near naked (but you couldn’t see anything because of how he was hanging), he was tortured and I think electrocuted.

The only other part I can remember (as I left the room and came back later) was mutant or strange people coming out of a mountain area.

The movie would have been from 70’s or early-mid 80’s.

Please help me figure this out, thanks.

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  1. “The Evil That Men Do” (1984)?

    It’s not a horror film, but there is an electrocution scene at the beginning and the villain being attacked and killed by mutant/deformed people in a mountain area at the end. You can see parts of both scenes in this trailer from YouTube.

    1. I can’t believe you found it, yes, it’s “The Evil That Men Do.”
      As a child I must have thought it was a horror movie as that’s about the only scene I saw and as an 8 or 9 year old you can imagine how scary it was.

      Thanks for your help. Just watching the trailer was enough to put it at rest.

      1. Thank you. I can’t believe this was it, I almost answered with Deathsport (1978), but he was just shocked in a white room and there were mutants living in mountain caves but I remembered seeing this with my mom and siblings in a theater when I was a teen! You were right, we probably shouldn’t have been watching this, but I’m glad I did.

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