Looking for the name of the movie that was about a family that moved to a new home and new town…. I want to say that there was some kind of music box and or radio that the child find and/or listen to ..they had a child and the child kept drawing a big circle around two little circles over and over again… Towards the end of the movie they find out that what he was drawing the whole time was these two kids that were murdered by a cop from the town and wrapped in plastic and hidden in a cave in the woods down near the water near their new house trying to communicate with the child about what happened to them and how the cop killed him please help thank you

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  1. the movie was set in the 50’s or 60’s and the setting was in the jungle. the woman in the movie wanted to stay young, so she used a ring with a powder inside the ring and she would turn the ring to the inside of her hand and then she would jab an unsuspecting man in the back of the neck and mix his blood with the powder inside the ring. when she drank the mixture, it kept her young looking. can you tell me the name of this movie, please?

    1. “The Leech Woman”(1960). I decided to answer it even though it probably won’t get a response and won’t get posted the right way.

      1. I’ve answered 3 posts recently that were posted in the wrong category and they were just my kind of movies, other posts have been in the category of wtf. C’mon people, what’s up with that?

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