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I posted this a while back but I think I have more information. In 1986 HBO used to air children’s specials. But a lot of them were former After School Specials or episodes of Insight. In September of 1986, I remember seeing this special where this young boy (about junior high age) somehow goes ahead in time to high school. On the first day, he is walking down the hall feeling overwhelmed. He is carrying all of his books and then drops them on the floor. He is in class and the teacher is asking what everyone did over the summer. The boy has some long dramatic story. He then runs into some friends who ask him “how is high school.” At the end the boy’s father asks what he wants, and the boy says he wants to go back before the summer to when he was not in high school. I went through some old TV guides and I think the name of the show may be “R.W.” I looked it up and can’t find any information. Does anyone know of a show named “R.W?”


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  1. I found an HBO guide from March,1986 with a listing for the show ‘R.W’ and a brief synopsis, but I can’t find anything else about it anywhere on the entire internet!
    Here is a link to the guide, the ‘R.W’ listing is on middle right side :
    It was also listed in the May, 1987 guide.
    Sorry if this doesn’t help, it was all I could find!

  2. Thank you so much for responding and posting. I think I’d still like to leave this open in case anyone knows if what I have described sounds like R.W. or something else. Just curious, do you have a September 1986 HBO guide? If so, vould post the “family showcase section” for that month. Maybe I will see something else that sounds familiar. Thanks again!

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