haunted house with beauty and the beast backstory

Around late 1990’s to early 2000’s there was a live action English horror movie I saw on tv. I believe it was only a few years old at the time and had been in theaters once as I had heard of it prior. A group of people are trapped in a mansion. There is a pendulum in the chimney that they say can rise and fall randomly, and it is shaped as a large intricate weight, not a blade. I think it was used as a jump scare before becoming relevant to plot/kill count later, but I’m not sure on that. There is a photo album, and they flip through it like a flip book, and it shows a man and woman, but the man grows harry and ends up looking like beauty and the beast. At one point one or more, but not all the people try to escape the property by ramming the wrought iron gate with their car, however the gate, under the spell/demonic energy,  curls over  to impale them through the windshield instead.

7 thoughts on “haunted house with beauty and the beast backstory

    1. 48:48 Lion shaped flue, looks like a mass on a chain.
      1:05:23 The moving book, just the woman. This scene is a little different than I remember from around 20 years ago.
      1:29:33 Ramming the gate, but that is the least super natural scare, and no one dies.

      Yea, I’d say that has to be the right movie. That or it’s heavily plagiarizing the one I remember. Thanks.

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